Best List of Photo Booth Prop Ideas


Props can make or break your photo booth making it important to consider what to bring to your event. Props should show uniqueness and variation which helps give people plenty of options to choose from. Event organizers should also not focus solely on one particular piece of props but instead be flexible able to cover different areas of the body. For newcomers, finding the best props for their upcoming event can be quite a challenge. Let us look at the best photo booth prop ideas to help you come up with your own list on what to bring.

A number of photo booths in Melbourne, Australia give their customers an expansive list of photo booth props ranging from top to bottom. Starting from the top, headgears should be of utmost priority. There are plenty of headgear options to choose from including a Black top hat, Princess crown, Roman battle helmet, Viking helmet, Straw hat, Mickey Mouse ears, Clown wig and noses, Sombrero, Sailor and Pirate hat, Cat ears, Biker helmets, Eye patch, Santa and Elf hat, Reindeer or Antler headbands and many more.

Aside from the headgear, aussie photo Booths also offer face gear. Among the list includes Geeky glasses, Mardigras mask, Animal ears and noses, Fake mustache, Scuba gear, Hockey masks, Ski masks, Pumpkin heads, Blinking holiday glasses and the likes.


Another area of the body that you want to customize is the handhelds and accessories. These items complement each other making them great props to have. Handheld props include Foam fingers, Cavemen clubs, Speech bubbles, Pitchforks, Boxing gloves, Big lollipops, a Grammy award, Empty champagne bottles, Hulk hands as well as some Fake weapons like swords, maces, hammers, guns, etc.

Prop accessories for photo booth can be worn in different areas of the body. Good examples of this are the Hawaiian, leis, Feather boas, Tutu and Angel wings. Your guests will also be able to have a great time with props coming from a Coconut bikini top, Body armor, Cardboard cutouts, Blowup animals and many more.

It should be noted that preparing for photo booth props may take a fair amount of time and that is why clients are advised to get in touch with their photo booth company in advance to have them reserved. This in turn ensures that the props that you want to use will arrive to your event with no problem.

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