Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Bone China Dinnerware For Your Restaurant

Bone china dinnerware is generally made from a mixture of very refined clay and bone ash. When burnt at around 2200 degrees F, it’ll stay pure white and becomes translucent. Bone china dishes are used for special occasions as they are more eye-pleasing than other categories. None the less, they are also one of the expansive ones. But it’s their ability to being decorated which makes them perfect for special occasions. It’s difficult to find a supplier that can engrave your logo onto your plate. While slate, on the other hand, is quite easy for you to have your restaurant plates with logo engraved.

Here’s a list of advantages and disadvantages of using bone china.

Cons: Although it has a lot of features, there are a few numbers of cons also. And indeed there is. Bone china fishes are the most expansive ones. The manufacturing procedure is somewhat costlier than other types and hence it shows in retail also. Due to its expansive price, many people would want to buy but have to stay away from it.

Bone china dishes are also very brittle in nature. That’s why one doesn’t or more specifically shouldn’t use bone china in a daily use. As casualties happen frequently in day to day life, expansive dishes such as bone china can be broken very easily. It is one of the reasons why bone china dishes are used very rarely and that too, only when some special guests are coming in or getting invited to some occasion.

Another disadvantages of bone china is, it tends to cool pretty quick. Hence heat retaining capacity of bone china isn’t something that you would want. So a cover should be used whenever the food has to be kept warm for a longer period of time.

Bone china is non bio degradable, which means it degrades very slowly over the period of time. Hence, in terms of environment purposes, bone china isn’t a material that you would want if you are avoiding to use non bio degradable products. If you throw away a bone china cup…. Then after years later, you could still find it almost the same away as it was when you threw it away.

Pros: Bone china dishes or other products are sign of creativity and more eyes pleasing. Yes, they come with a cost ad they are one of the most expansive dishes but the beauty that can bring to your table is, worth too. Imagine yourself in a shiny morning, having guests over, and pouring tea into their cups. This describes the perfect situation where bone china is put in a perfect way. It has a sign of elegance and aristocracy. The beauty in it, expresses itself. Not to mention, the decorations that comes with bone china dishes are simply too worth to miss.

It has also other advantages such as, since it doesn’t absorb smell, the tea inside bone china tea cups stay fresh. With beauty, it adds various other advantages also.
Bone china isn’t generally a type of dishes which you will want to use it in days to day life, but for special occasions, bone china fits perfectly. That’s why, while having guests over or when you will go to someone’s house, you’ll see bone china dishes.

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