The Special Bond You Share with Your Pets


Animals have been part of human life since ages. Be it as a work force or for any support, they were in our lives since when man started to domesticated animals. But the definition hasn’t much changed throughout the time. They always did carry an important role in human lives. Just think about it. If you own a pet, how much connected you are? If you have seen it since birth or a little puppy/kitten, how strong an emotional relationship you have with it?

This is what describes a relationship between human and animal. Generally, as time passes by, the pet becomes like a family member and he’s no different than any other individuals in the family. When you go out, or have some occasion, you put aside a special place for him.

Coming onto psychological aspect, the social support theory is the most approved one which is also relevant in day to day life. According to this theory, the animal supports the owner in companionship or other ways thus benefitting both the elements in the equation. In simple words, suppose you have a pet. If you live alone, then your life circles around it. You love the pet, you care for the pet. You play with them and somehow, it brings a sense of peace in your mind while strengthening the bond between two of you.

Many people find it hard to get accustomed in social scenario. They feel awkward while maintaining different relationships. Theories have suggested that, even people with these traits, can have an emotional tie with pets. As they are introvert, they feel more comfortable around an animal than other people. But this isn’t true only for people who avoid social customs. Even with a person, who has a outgoing personality, pet can make a significant difference. As, for those, moments come when they seek a support, and just being there, a pet can give a sense of security. Not to mention, the animals themselves express love in different ways which can be seen in every gesture.

As such, this relationship is a symbiotic relationship which benefits both the man and the animal. For Instance modern society, many couples, who are unable to give birth to a kid, adopt a dog or a cat and to them, it is no different than what it could have been for a human baby. They have the same sentiment, attachments.


In old people, when people seek more companionship, pets do carry a vital role. It makes the loneliness go away and the aged people could engage into something which they find more meaningful such as taking care of a dog or a cat. It could hold same significance as they used to care about their kids when they were little. In return, the pets also express their love in some ways. However, said loneliness could return if they pass away. Good thing can help you.

Dogs specially need to mention here because perhaps it is one of the most faithful animal in the world. Whatever you do, a dog generally never forgets his owner even if the owner treats him bad. Pets can love you unselfishly which is a rare quality among human. And this aspect makes some people trust animal more than man themselves and they find their comfort zones in the realms of it.

Having a pet is an amazing thing to do. You can provide them love, a shelter and food which every living thing’s desire. Adopt a pet and make yourself happy!

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